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Methodological design and institutional arrangements for auctions in the EU emission trading system (EU-ETS)

Project-no. (FKZ) 3707 41 501, Report-no. (UBA-FB) 001272E
: Schleich, J.; Breitschopf, B.; Diekmann, J.
: Umweltbundesamt -UBA-, Dessau

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Created on: 14.7.2009

Dessau: UBA, 2009, 62 pp.
Climate change, 6/2009; Environmental Research of the German Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
Report, Electronic Publication
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In the current trading period an annual volume of over 40 million emission allowances (EUAs) is sold by the German Federal Government on different stock exchanges. Starting in 2010 that amount will have to be auctioned, and in 2013 auctioning will become the basic allocation principle throughout the EU. This paper discusses methodological and institutional issues concerning the design of an auctioning scheme in Germany.