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Miniaturized samples for bond strength and hermetic sealing evaluation for transmission laser joints

: Newaz, G.; Sultana, T.; Nusier, S.; Herfurth, H.J.

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Journal of Laser Micro/Nanoengineering. Online journal 3 (2008), No.3, pp.186-195
ISSN: 1880-0688
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ILT ()

Transmission laser bonded titanium coated glass/polyimide miniature samples were tested to find out bond strength and hermeticity. Bond strength was evaluated using a miniature lap shear specimen and by developing a pressure test specimen. The joint hermeticity was tested by Helium bomb test. Successful results from these tests and meaningful failure modes establish these tests as good methods to determine the integrity of the joints. This paper will analyze the results and provide the technical basis for utilizing these tests for reliable assessment of the quality of transmission laser joints.