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OpenSG: Basic Concepts

Presentation held at the OpenSG Symposium 2002. Darmstadt, 29. Januar 2002
: Reiners, D.; Voss, G.; Behr, J.

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Created on: 08.05.2002

2002, 7 pp.
OpenSG Symposium <1, 2002, Darmstadt>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IGD ()
graphics data structure; graphics data type; scenegraph; multi-thread handling; extensibility

One of the main shortcomings of current scenegraphs is the inability to support multi thread-safe data. Another area that leaves things to be desired is extensibility.
This work describes a system that allows multiple asynchronous threads to independently manipulate the scenegraph without interfering. This demands replication of data. As scenegraph data can get very big, a distinction of structural and content data is introduced, and a method to replicate the latter only if necessary. To make the whole concept generic and easily extensible, Reflectivity is introduced to the system.
Besides allowing to manage multiple independent threads the described approaches can also be used for generic scenegraph access ,e. g. for loader/writer and GUIs. An extension allows also to the use the developed methods for cluster support.