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MoTeF - A toolchain for modelbased test generation

Presentation held at the Embedded World Conference, Nuremberg, 05. March 2009
: Heidrich, M.

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Created on: 9.6.2009

Nuremberg, 2009, 25 Folien
Embedded World Conference <2009, Nürnberg>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer ESK ( IKS) ()

During the last decade the model-based generation of test cases has become more and more popular. This circumstance was caused by many different reasons. The most important fact is that manual creation of test cases is time consuming and error prone. Nowadays, many different academics as well as comercial solutions for the model based test generation exist. In this publication a new concept for a generic tollchain for the automated test case generation and test case selection is presented.