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Advanced high-performance liquid chromatography method for highly polar nitroaromatic compounds in ground water samples from ammunition waste sites

: Preiss, A.; Bauer, A.; Berstermann, H.-M.; Gerling, S.; Haas, R.; Joos, A.; Lehmann, A.; Schmalz, L.; Steinbach, K.


Journal of chromatography. A 1216 (2009), No.25, pp.4968-4975
ISSN: 0021-9673
Journal Article
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HPLC-photodiode array detection method; highly polar nitroaromatic compound; ammunition waste site; interlaboratory test

An advanced HPLC-photodiode array detectionmethod for the determination of 12 selected highly polar nitroaromatic compounds in ground water samples of ammunition waste sites has been developed and validated. After solid-phase extraction the limits of detection were in the range 0.1-0.5 mikrog/l. To prove the applicability of the method to other polar nitroaromatic compounds the retention time of another 32 polar compounds under the specified chromatographic conditionswere determined and their UV spectra recorded. To review the method, interlaboratory comparisons were performed with a spiked and a real ground water sample.