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Thresholds related to renovation of buildings - EPBD definitions and rules

: Engelund Thomsen, K.; Wittchen, K.B.; Erhorn-Kluttig, H.; Erhorn, H.

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Build Up. The European Portal for Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Online Ressource (2009), No.P146, 7 pp.
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The EPBD Buildings Platform has initiated an investigation on the implementation status in the Member States of the two thresholds related to the renovation of existing buildings referred to in the EPBD. These thresholds are the 25 % limits that define when a renovation is to be considered as major and the 1 000 m2 limit on the building size, over which minimum energy performance requirements must be met in the case of a major renovation, to the extent that this is technically, functionally and economically feasible. This paper gives an overview of the results of the study.