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Visual computing. The integration of computer graphics, visual perception and imaging

: Groß, Markus

Berlin: Springer, 1994, XV, 334 pp.
Zugl.: Darmstadt, TH, Habil.-Schrift, 1995
Computer Graphics: Systems and Applications
ISBN: 3-540-57222-8
ISBN: 0-387-57222-8
Fraunhofer IGD ()
computer vision; computer graphics; visualization; image processing

Advances in computing and communications have brought about an increasing demand for visual information. Visual Computing addresses the principles behind visual technology, and provides readers with a good understanding of how the integration of computer graphics, visual perception and imaging is achieved. Included in the book is an overview of important research areas within this subject which will be useful for further work in the field. Foundations of visual perception and psychophysics are presented as well as basic methods of imaging and computer vision. This book serves as an excellent reference and textbook for those who wish to apply or study visual computing technology.