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Radio-wave tomography of hidden objects for safety systems

: Yakubov, V.P.; Sklarczyk, K.G.; Pinchuk, R.V.; Sukhanov, D.Y.; Bulavinov, A.N.; Bevetskiy, A.


Russian Physics Journal 51 (2008), No.10, pp.1064-1082
ISSN: 1064-8887
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
x-ray; radar

Nowadays the problem of remote sensing of various objects and people to prevent transportation and storage of weapons, explosives, and other forbidden objects becomes urgent in connection with strengthening security measures on counteraction to terrorism all over the world. Methods based on x-ray, magnetic induction, and radar sensing are developed intensively. Methods of x-ray sensing, as a rule, are applied to lifeless objects; in some countries, irradiation of people even by low-power x-rays is forbidden. Methods based on application of magnetic fields are suitable for detecting metal objects; however, they are inapplicable for detecting dielectric targets such as explosives or ceramic knifes. Radio-wave methods are relatively safe for people and allow any objects, including dielectric ones, to be detected. For this reason, methods of micro-wave radar sensing are developed intensively all over the world.