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3D visualization of zoning maps using CityServer3D and generative modeling language

: Min, Qian
: Krämer, Michel

Stuttgart, 2009, 86 pp.
Stuttgart, Hochschule für Technik, Master Thesis, 2009
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3d visualization; 3D city model; 3D geographic information systems (GIS)

3D city model represented by Generative Modeling Language based on 2D zoning map was built for 3D city visualization with the help of CityServer3D. However, this model is an innovative model so that it cannot be employed in different application domains. Therefore, a concept was created that presents how the information contained within this model can be utilized for generating common data model.
This master thesis deals with the conversion of this model into a standardized 3D city model for data sharing. Based on the concept, a tool for the CityServer3D was implemented. This tool is designed to import and generate this model and export desired standardized 3D model. Since this model is a dynamic model, some restrictions for this model were neglected during generation. The exportation of the desired 3D model was implemented with City Geography Markup Language. Furthermore, interaction of Java and the City Geography Markup Language was optimal for the implementation. All these works are regarded as a base for the realization of whole processes. Meanwhile, it was also proved that this approach is suitable for this thesis work.