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Small, smaller, biochip: Technology for functionalization of extremely miniaturized biochip systems

: Schilling, N.; Sonntag, F.; Klotzbach, U.; Howitz, S.

Optik & Photonik 3 (2008), No.4, pp.54-56
ISSN: 1863-1460
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWS ()
biochemische Lösung; Biochemie; biochemische Eigenschaft; biochemische Technik; Sensortechnik; Biosensor; optischer Sensor; Arzneimittelherstellung; Miniaturisierung; Nanometerbereich; Polymer; Ligandenaustauscher

Biochemical sensors have come to play an important role in the medical and pharmaceutical sciences. An essential prerequisite for modern diagnostics, they are used in the development and characterization of new drugs. The ongoing miniaturization of these sensors poses new challenges for the production technologies. Micocontact printing provides an inexspensive means to functionalize structures with dimensions in the nanometer range repeatably and localized.