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Biologisch abbaubare polymere Zusammensetzung aus natuerlichen oder synthetischen Polymeren, Polyethylenoxid sowie ggf. Hilfs- und Zusatzstoffen ihre Herstellung, Weiterverarbeitung und Verwendung und hieraus hergestellte Erzeugnisse, vorzugsweise Folien

Polymer composition, useful e.g. to manufacture molded body and as an adhesive foil, comprises natural polymer e.g. polysaccharide or synthetic polymer e.g. polyester amide, polyethylene oxide and further auxiliary materials and additives
: Kesselring, A.; Michels, C.; Dolfen, E.; Hansen, B.

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DE 102007026719 A: 20070606
DE 102007026719 A: 20070606
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(A1) Offenbart wird eine polymere Zusammensetzung, enthaltend 0,1 Gew.-% bis 99,9 Gew.-% mindestens eines natuerlichen oder synthetischen Polymeren, wobei das natuerliche Polymere ausgewaehlt ist aus Polysacchariden oder Proteinen und das synthetische Polymere ausgewaehlt ist aus Polyvinylalkoholen und seinen Hydrolysaten, Ethylen-Vinylalkohol-Copolymeren, Copolymeren von PVOH mit Vinylacetat, Polyesteramiden, Polyvinylpyrrolidon und aus wasserunloeslichen biologisch abbaubaren Polymeren sowie aus Mischungen dieser natuerlichen oder synthetischen Polymere, 0,1 Gew.-% bis 99,9 Gew.-% mindestens eines Polyethylenoxids, darueber hinaus 0 Gew.-% bis 80 Gew.-%, bezogen auf die Gesamtmenge der Komponenten i) bis ii), ueblicher Hilfs- und Zusatzstoffe, ihre Herstellung und Verwendung und hieraus hergestellte Formkoerper.


DE 102007026719 A1 UPAB: 20090112 NOVELTY - Polymer composition (I), comprises: (a) at least a natural or synthetic polymer (0.1-99.9 wt.%), where the natural polymer is polysaccharide or protein and the synthetic polymer is polyvinyl alcohol and its hydrolyzates, ethylene-vinyl alcohol-copolymer, copolymer of polyvinyl alcohol with vinyl acetate, polyester amide, polyvinyl pyrrolidone or water-insoluble biologically degradable, polymers obtained from mixtures of these polymers; (b) at least a polyethylene oxide (0.1-99.9 wt.%); and (c) further auxiliary materials and additives (0-80 wt.%, based on the total quantity of (a) and (b)). DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are included for: (1) a molded body, manufactured using (I); (2) a molded body with carrier, comprising a layer of (I) on at least a part of the surface of the carrier; and (3) preparing (I), comprising dry mixing the components (a), (b) and optionally (c) in powder form in a mixer. USE - (I) is useful: for the manufacture of molded body; in the sanitary area of commercial, public or private rooms or in air-, land- or water-vehicles; as foil in household, commercial arrangements, or in agriculture; as socket foam, an adhesive foil, preferably protection foil or separating foil on an inorganic or organic carriers; and in the packaging area (all claimed), preferably in packaging materials for seed and nutrient. (I) is useful: to manufacture blend, agglomerate, granulate, micro-powder, molded parts, foils, profiles, spunbonded fabric and/or fibers; as compostable foil e.g. as mulch foil or a compostable coating e.g. paper or cardboard; as substrate in adhesive foils; and in baby panties, bags, sheets, bottles, cartons, dust bags, labels, pillowcase, protective clothing, hygienic article, handkerchiefs, toys and wiper. ADVANTAGE - (I) shows good biodegradability and water solubility, and is toxicologically harmless. (I) is reprocessible on a conventional polymer processing machine in connection with a pleasant haptic, which provides a pleasant skin feeling, and has a storability of at least 6 months.