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The applicability of the FLEC for industrial products

: Salthammer, T.; Meininghaus, R.; Uhde, E.

Wolkoff, P. ; National Institute of Occupational Health:
Second International FLEC Symposium 2001. Proceedings : 6th - 7th September 2001, Copenhagen
Kopenhagen: ami, 2001
ISBN: 87-7904-068-3
International FLEC Symposium <2, 2001, Kopenhagen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer WKI ()
sample inhomogeneity; flow field; VOC; diffusion; sink

The FLEC has been constructed for VOC emission testing of material surfaces. The cell is a very useful tool for numerous applications but also bears some limitations in case of samples withinhomogeneous surfaces. Nevertheless, the FLEC enables easy realization of experi-mental design to investigate many interesting problems concerning material properties and emission behavior. Sink effects are of special importance, as VOC adsorption by indoor materials will reduce peak con-centrations, and subsequent desorption will prolong the presence of a compound indoors. Diffusion within materials plays an important role in this context. Two experimental setups to study VOC diffusion and to show corresponding experimental results are presented. In both cases the FLEC is an integral part of the setup. The mass flow of VOC mixtures across building products can be studied. Moreover, the FLEC can be used for studying the influence of climatic parameters on material emissions. This was performed to investigate the effect of irradiation on UV-cured lacquers.