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Flex wiring with FFC and FPC

An alternative to Conventional Copper Wires
Flexible Folienleitungssätze mit FFC und FPC
: Krieger, J.

Krieger, J. ; Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung -IPA-, Stuttgart:
Wire harness technology and alternative wiring technologies for the future : Chengdu, Sichuan, PR China, October 2001
Stuttgart, 2001
CCA Conference Wire Harness Technology and Alternative Wiring Technologies for the Future <2001, Chengdu>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
FFC Flexible Flat Cable; FPC; Folienisolierter Flachleiter; Folienleitungssatz; Kontaktierung; Abisolieren; Flex Wiring; Flexible Printed Circuit

The Flex wiring technology is used for the substitution of conventional wire harnesses. The big advantage is the potential to safe weight and space in our days products. FFC, flexible flat cable are laminated between a career foil and a lidding foil and are characterised by parallel conductors. FPC, flexible printed circuits have defined conductive patterns, which are isolated with an isolating foil or covering varnish. Typical examples of applications are found in the field of the automotive industry, the computer, telecommunications as well as consumer goods. As these different applications demand different properties concerning the isolation and the conductive material is it important to choose the right material for the discussed application. The mayor problem in the field of Flex wiring is the contact technology. The most chosen technologies are crimping and piercing different welding and soldering technologies as well as conductive adhesives for low current applications. To prepare the FFC or FPC for the contacting process it is necessary to strip the isolation of the FFC or the FPC. For this scraping, gringing, milling or laser technologies are used. The IPA engineers offer a wide spread service range in the field of Flex wiring starting with concepts for the replacement of conventional cables by Flex wiring offering the development of automation systems for handling, assembly and contacting the Flex wiring solutions up to workshops seminars and moderation as well as testing in the IPA laboratory.