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Cr(6+)-free hybrid coatings as potential pretreatment for structural adhesive bonding

Chrom(VI)-freie Hybridbeschichtungen zur potentiellen Vorbehandlung von strukturellen adhäsiven Bindungen
: Bringmann, P.; Rohr, O.; Wehr, J.; Jansen, I.

Institute of Materials -IOM-, Communications Limited, London; Institute of Materials, Society for Adhesion and Adhesives:
EURADH 2008/Adhesion 2008, 10th International Conference on the Science and Technology of Adhesion and Adhesives : 3 - 5 September 2008, St. Catherine's College, Oxford, UK
London: IOM Communications, 2008
International Conference on the Science and Technology of Adhesion and Adhesives (Adhesion) <10, 2008, Oxford>
European Conference on Adhesion (EURADH) <8, 2008, Oxford>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWS ()
organisch anorganischer Hybridwerkstoff; Adhäsion; chemische Bindung; Atmosphärendruck; Plasmaabscheidung; Chrom

Organosilanes and inorganic-organic hybrid coatings produced by sol-gel technique are considered as promising alternatives to anodising processes for adhesive bonding in aeronautics. Beside the commercialized AC-130 sol-gel an in-house developed hybrid sol-gel coating is presented and evaluated in terms of its potential as replacement of anodising and bonding primer in one step combining adhesion and corrosion resistance. These surface treatments are compared with deposition of silicon-organic compounds in an atmospheric pressure plasma jet. Adhesion is estimated performing floating roller peel and pull-off tests in which strengths similar to anodising are achieved. Furthermore, the influence of moisture on the interface stability of some of these systems on AA 2024 bare and clad and Ti-6A1-4V is discussed.