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Automatic parallel generation of tetrahedral grids by using a domain decomposition approach

: Andrä, H.; Gluchshenko, O.N.; Ivanov, E.G.; Kudryavtsev, A.N.


Computational mathematics and mathematical physics 48 (2008), No.8, pp.1367-1375
ISSN: 0965-5425
ISSN: 0041-5553
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ITWM ()

An algorithm for the automatic parallel generation of three-dimensional unstructured grids based on geometric domain decomposition is proposed. A software package based on this algorithm is described. Examples of generating meshes for some application problems on a multiprocessor computer are presented. It is shown that the parallel algorithm can significantly ( by a factor of several tens) reduce the mesh generation time. Moreover, it can easily generate meshes with as many as 5 x 10(7) elements, which can hardly be generated sequentially. Issues concerning the speedup and the improvement of the efficiency of the computations and of the quality of the resulting meshes are discussed.