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Instrumente der E-Loyalty für ein Geodaten-Portal

Dargestellt am Beispiel von GIStec, einem Spin-off-Unternehmen des Fraunhofer Institus für Graphische Datenverarbeitung (IGD), Darmstadt
: Schäfer, I.
: Jasnoch, U.

Aschaffenburg, 2001
Aschaffenburg, FH, Dipl.-Arb., 2001
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Electronic Commerce; electronic customer relationship management; E-branding; Intelligent Agent; process design

The majority of enterprises are aware of the significant factors of customer loyalty. However, the customers´ own perspective is often ignored. Consequently, a lot of companies aren't able to create the optimal "loyalty-mix" with corresponding drawbacks in the customers loyalty. Reason is often the imperative of the product, often strengthened by an organization related on products and not on customer divisions.
The diploma thesis aims at an identification of the state of the art of instruments for electronic customer loyalty, called e-loyalty. One major result of the thesis is the identification of at least five e-loyalty-factors which are implemented by well-known companies and are presently dominating the market of customer retention: Vision and management strategy, e-branding, community building, individualization/ interactivity and process design.
Each of these e-loyalty-factor is discussed in detail by a variety of case studies of reputable or innovative enterprises. For instance, the diploma thesis analyse the websites of the Kraft-Jacobs-Suchhard brand Milka concerning design, tonality, added value and usability as a best practice solution. The computer manufacturer Dell is represented as a specialist in tailoring personal computers by mass customization as well as process design of its enterprise processes.
However, before a loyal customer behaviour is achieved, companies are recommended to concentrate on customers´ perspective, to come up to their expectations in order to create real customer satisfaction which represents the basis for loyalty.
The final part of the paper tries to give a recommendation about instruments of e-loyalty for the geodata portal In Geo Information Center (InGeo IC) from the Fraunhofer spin-off GIStec.