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Appropriation and re-appropriation of groupware

Theoretical and practical implications of a long-term case study
: Pipek, V.; Wulf, V.
: Internationales Institut für Sozio-Informatik -IISI-, Bonn

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Bonn: IISI, 2006, 43 pp.
International reports on socio-informatics, 3, 1
Book, Electronic Publication
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This paper provides a long-term case study of a groupware’s appropriation1 in a German state government. The study covers the lifecycle from the groupware’s introduction to its removal. We also examined the consecutive re-introduction of another groupware application. During a period of about five years, the field of application offered us the opportunity to gain deep insights into personal, organizational and technical aspects of a groupware's appropriation and re-appropriation (the appropriation of a similar but different technology for the same purpose). We have used these empirical data to contribute to the theoretical framing of the appropriation process of groupware. Special emphasis is given to approaches based on Structuration Theory. Discussing existing conceptualizations, we contribute to a better understanding of organizational change processes induced by the appropriation of groupware. Focusing on the removal and re-introduction phase, we also discover new requirements for the design of groupware platforms.