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Model-based material flow analysis of RDF-production

: Mrotzek, A.; Marzi, T.; Hiebel, M.

International Waste Working Group -IWWG-, Padua; TU Dresden; Univ. of Padua; TU Hamburg-Harburg:
Venice 2008, Second International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste. CD-ROM : Fondazione Cini, Venice, Italy 17 - 20 November, 2008, proceedings
Padua: IWWG, 2008
ISBN: 978-88-626-5004-5
8 pp.
International Symposium on Energy from Biomass and Waste <2, 2008, Venice>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
material flow analysis; refuse-derived fuel (RDF); fuel-production; modelling; Stoffflussanalyse; Ersatzbrennstoff (EBS); Brennstoffproduktion; Modellierung

"Since June 2005 it is no longer allowed to deposit untreated wastes on landfills in Germany. Therefore, investors have built several plants to pre-treat waste and to produce refuse derived fuels (RDF) from wastes. RDF are used in co-combustion processes in cement kilns and coal-fired power plants and also in mono-incineration plants. Different waste flows are used to produce RDF such as municipal solid waste or more homogeneous waste flows like industrial
waste. The amount and the quality of the different material flows in mechanical treatment plants are significant for the economic operation of the plant. During the planning phase this knowledge is estimated by the experience of the plant developer or by the result of preliminary tests. The accuracy of these estimations is then shown during the commissioning of the plant. Simulations of changes in the basic conditions and their influence on the amount and quality of the material flows are normally not made. This article describes the results of a model-based material flow analysis to forecast the qualities and quantities of material flows in the RDF-production process."