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Investigating corrosion protection of offshore wind towers. Pt.1: Background and test program

: Momber, A.W.; Plagemann, P.; Stenzel, V.; Schneider, M.

Journal of protective coatings & linings 25 (2008), No.4, pp.30-43
ISSN: 8755-1985
Journal Article
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The different corrosion protection methods for towers and part of foundation of an offshore wind energy mills, which usually consist of a foundation, the actual tower, and the turbine-rotor construction, were investigated. Offshore wind energy towers during in site tests were exposed to harsh and complex stress, including corrosive stress, physical load, and biological stress. The main focus of investigation was corrosive stress and investigation features included the seawater exposure, wet-dry cycles, temperature variations, construction details about joints bolts and welds, and combination of construction materials. The test and assessment methods were divided into laboratory tests under defined artificial stress conditions and the site tests under real stress conditions. The site tests were performed at the seawater test site at the island of Helogoland, which is 70 km off the German coast.