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Vehicle windshield with active noise reduction

: Naake, A.; Schmidt, K.; Meschke, J.; Weyer, T.; Knorr, A.; Weiser, J.; Rehfeld, M.; Rödig, T.

Active systems for dynamic markets. Conference proceedings. CD-ROM : 23./24.05.2007, Göttingen, Adaptronic Congress 2007
Göttingen: Adaptronic Congress Veranstaltungs GbR, 2007
Adaptronic Congress <11, 2007, Göttingen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Windschutzscheibe; Fahrzeuginnenraum; Lärmminderung; piezoelektrischer Aktor; Eigenfrequenz; Schalldruck; Adaptronik; Finite Elemente Methode; Fahrzeugfahrwerk; Regelalgorithmus

The windshield is one of the largest, nearly plane areas, which border the passenger compartment. Due to the connection of the windshield to the space frame, vibrations of the space frame are transferred to the windshield. This affects the sound pressure in passenger compartment. Windshield vibrations are one reason for annoying noise levels in vehicle cabin. To reduce this effect an active approach will be shown in this paper: By use of piezoceramic patch actuators and a suitable controller the windshield vibrations will be influenced to reduce noise radiation. The system analysis showed that the 2nd and 3rd Eigenfrequency of the windshield are the critical frequencies, which influence the acoustic pressure level inside the cabin. With the help of the active system this windshield modes should be reduced. The following concept was chosen to demonstrate the feasibility in the vehicle: PZT-patches applied to the windshield near the rim act as actuators or sensors. The active system consists of the actuators, sensors, power electronic and the controller. Using FEA-calculations the optimized position and the necessary amount of PZT-actuatorpatches are defined. For controlling the active system an optimal MIMO H2 feedback controller was realized. The feasibility test of the concept under laboratory condition was successful.
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