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State of the art of inline non-destructive weld inspection of pipelines by ultrasonics

: Dobmann, G.; Barbian, O.A.; Willems, H.

Rivista italiana della saldatura (2008), No.1, pp.105-111
ISSN: 0035-6794
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
automatic control; fatigue crack; fatigue strength; nondestructive testing; pipeline; stress corrosion cracking; ultrasonic testing; welded joint

The inline inspection of pipelinesby using intelligent PIG (pipeline inspection gages) concerning the detection and sizing of metal loss (e.g. caused by corrosion) is a well established technology for liquid pipelines as well as gas pipelines. Magnetic flux leakage and ultrasonic techniques are used as inspection technology. For reliable crack detection, onliy the ultrasonic technique has proven suitable. Apart from manufacturing related reasons, cracking is induced in pipelines by fatigue crack growth or stress corrosion cracking. The paper reports to the state of the art of in-line crack inspection discussing typical examples with regard to weld inspection. The special emphasis is on data evaluation and interpretation.