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Direct current voltage isolator for e.g. amplifier, has earth line and signal conducting line, whose dimensions are designed such that conducting line shields field of signals, where capacitor is arranged in shielded area of conducting line
: Schneider, K.; Hurm, V.; Walcher, H.; Kolbe, R.

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DE 102007018120 A: 20070416
DE 102007018120 A: 20070416
Patent, Electronic Publication
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(A1) Gleichspannungstrenner mit mindestens einem Masseleiter und mindestens einem signalfuehrenden Leiter, welche mittels eines Isolators beabstandet angeordnet sind, wobei im signalfuehrenden Leiter eine Kapazitaet in einem Bereich angeordnet ist, in welchem die dem Isolator zugewandte Flaeche des Signalleiters groesser ist als die dem Isolator zugewandte Flaeche des Masseleiters.


WO 2008125341 A1 UPAB: 20081112 NOVELTY - The isolator has an earth line and a capacitor (c) arranged in a signal conducting line. The dimensions of the lines are designed such that the conducting line shields an electric field of propagated changing direct current voltage signals to provide an area on an upper surface of the conducting line. The amplitude of electric field strength of the voltage signals is lower than the amplitude of electric field strength of direct current voltage signals entering an upper surface of the earth line, in the area. The capacitor is arranged in the shielded area of the conducting line. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a method for isolation of direct current voltage and alternating current voltage components of signals. USE - Direct current voltage isolator for use in an amplifier for amplifying direct current or high frequency signals, and in a measuring technique (all claimed) that is used for measuring scattering parameters. ADVANTAGE - The isolator is designed such that the direct current voltage supply is provided with enlarged bandwidth, higher cut-off frequency and enhanced maximum direct current (DC) current flow. The isolator prevents a direct galvanic current flow between the signal-conducting lines and the earth line.