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Solarroehre, Solarroehrenkollektor sowie Verwendung

Solar tube for e.g. roof collector, for e.g. heating building, has double-walled shell closed at one side and enclosing interior space, and injection device arranged in interior space and injecting heat transferring medium
: Siems, T.; Schüle, K.

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DE 102007018644 A: 20070419
DE 102007018644 A: 20070419
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(A1) Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft verbesserte Solarroehren sowie verbesserte Solarroehrenkollektoren. Die verbesserten Systeme zeichnen sich durch Miniaturisierung, beispielsweise durch kleine Gehaeuse, sowie durch verminderten Stroemungswiderstand des durch die Kollektoren geleiteten Waermetraegers und ebenso durch eine Minimierung des Druckabfalls des Waermetraegers aus.


DE 102007018644 A1 UPAB: 20081110 NOVELTY - The tube has a double-walled shell (2) closed at one side, and encloses an interior space (4). An injection device is arranged in an interior space and injects heat transferring medium such as air, water and/or glycol. The injection device is formed as an injecting tube, which is attached to the interior space, and/or as a injection sheet metal plate (3). The injecting tube is arranged in the interior space uniformly at a distance to a wall of the shell, where the wall limits the interior space. USE - Solar tube for a solar tube collector e.g. facade collector and roof collector, to produce warm water and/or warm air, for heating and drying building, supplying process heat for e.g. bakery, galvanic operation, laundry or paint shop, and drying food, chemical product, wood and/or pellet, for processing of refrigerator i.e. sorption-supported refrigerator, and for sun protection (all claimed). ADVANTAGE - The tube provides improved stagnation safety and reduces flow resistances and/or the pressure losses in the solar collector, thus ensuring miniaturization of components, which does not serve the heating of the heat transferring medium, and hence increasing efficiency of the solar collectors.