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Magnetic field and/or gradient measuring device for testing ferro-magnetic material, has sensor unit with magnetometer, and control unit for controlling sensor electronics, where both units are separably connected in non-elastic manner
: Szielasko, K.; Kloster, A.; Mironenko, I.

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DE 102007022053 A: 20070508
DE 102007022053 A: 20070508
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(A1) Die Erfindung betrifft eine Vorrichtung zur Messung eines Magnetfeldes und/oder dessen Gradienten, welche eine ein Magnetometer umfassende Sensoreinheit und eine Steuerungseinheit zur Steuerung der Sensorelektronik und der Signalverarbeitung aufweist, wobei die Sensoreinheit und Steuereinheit unflexibel loesbar miteinander verbunden sind.


DE 102007022053 A1 UPAB: 20081126 NOVELTY - The device has a sensor unit with a magnetometer (7) i.e. giant magneto resistive (GMR)-sensor, and a control unit for controlling sensor electronics and signal processing. The sensor unit and the control unit are separably connected with each other in a non-elastic manner. The control unit comprises a micro-controller (10) with an integrated analog to digital (A/D)-converter. A measuring signal that is measured by the sensor unit is amplified by the control unit. The control unit comprises a signaling device (11) for acoustic display i.e. miniature loud speaker, of measuring result. USE - Device for measuring a magnetic field and/or gradient of the magnetic field for testing ferro-magnetic material to detect crack in the material. ADVANTAGE - The device can be manufactured in a simple manner with reduced construction units so as to reduce the dimension of the device, thus increasing the mobility of the device and allows fast and universal applicability of the device. The device reliable measures the magnetic field and/or its gradient in a fast manner and with reduced material and personal expenditure. The increased mobility of the device allows fast, simple and economical testing of the ferro-magnetic material with respect to the crack surfaces.