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Novel white-light interferometer with miniaturized sensor tip for absolute distance measurement in the sub millimeter range

: Pfeifer, T.; Schmitt, R.; Depiereux, F.

CIRP journal of manufacturing systems 35 (2006), No.5, pp.423-427
ISSN: 1581-5048
ISSN: 1581-9019
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPT ()
Weißlichtinterferometrie; Mikrosensor; Entfernungssensor; Abstandsmessung; Absolutwertgeber; faseroptischer Sensor; Messbereich; Frequenz; Spiegelreflektor

White-light interferometry has been a well known and established measurement technique. However, in certain fields of production technology, such as micro assembly and small cavity inspection there is a need to miniaturize these metrological systems. A promising solution lies within the field of fiber-based interferometry. Advantages of this technology are the possibility to miniaturize the system and to establish a fiber connection between the sensor tip (detector) and the measuring system (receiver). Theoretically, the sensor tip can be miniaturized down to the diameter of the used fiber. This paper presents a novel concept for a miniaturized fiber-based interferometer and provides the theoretical background of white light interferometry. Two important key components of the interferometer are highlighted and described in detail afterwards. The first component is a miniaturized sensor tip with a diameter below 1 mm and a length between 30 and 150 mm. The sensor tip is crucial to realize the measuring tasks mentioned above. The second component is a patented, special optical element to increase the system's measuring range, frequency and stability. This element replaces the moving element, which is commonly needed in an interferometer. It is basically designed as a mirror with a certain number of steps to compensate for the path difference between the object and reference beams. Different innovative manufacturing technologies were employed to realize these two components. This article provides a detailed description of the realization of the white-light interferometer and its components. Feasibility results of the system will be presented and the further potential discussed.
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