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Fracture mechanics based assessment of pipes

: Siegele, D.; Varfolomeev, I.

Japan Welding Society -JWS-:
8th International Symposium of the Japan Welding Society 2008. Proceedings. CD-ROM
Tokyo, 2008
Japan Welding Society (International Symposium) <8, 2008, Tokyo>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWM ()
fracture avoidance; flaw tolerance; stress intensity factor; FKM guideline

Fracture mechanics based assessment of components is an important task in addition to conventional strength and fatigue design. The German guideline Fracture Mechanics Proof of Strength for Engineering Components compiles basics for the integrity assessment of cracked components subjected to static or cyclic loading and provides a step-by-step computational procedure for the use in engineering practice. New features, as assessment of components under dynamic loading and probabilistic analyses have been included in the last 3rd edition (2006). This paper briefly reviews the FKM guideline, describes new features available in the 3rd edition and gives an example demonstrating the assessment methods and tools. Additionally, the compendium of stress intensity factor and plastic limit load solutions is reviewed with a particular emphasis on those applicable for assessment of cracks in pipes and pressure vessels.