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Current- and temperature-induced beam steering in 7.8-µm emitting quantum-cascade lasers

Strom- und Temperatur-abhängige Strahlablenkung in 7.8-µm emmittierenden Quantenkaskadenlasern
: Hinkov, B.; Fuchs, F.; Bronner, W.; Köhler, K.; Wagner, J.


IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 44 (2008), No.11, pp.1124-1128
ISSN: 0018-9197
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
beam steering; Strahlablenkung; infrared emission; IR-Strahlung; laser modes; laterale Moden; quantum cascade laser; Quantenkaskadenlaser; time-resolved spectroscopy; zeitaufgelöste Spektroskopie

We report large current- and temperature-induced beam-steering effects, observed in the far-field distribution of InP-based quantum-cascade lasers emitting around 7.8-µm wavelength operated in pulsed mode Changing the temperature within a narrow range of about 10 °C around room-temperature leads to a change in the direction of the output beam, as given by the central lobe in the far-field intensity distribution, from +11° to -13° as measured relative to the resonator axis. This beam steering effect is linked to changes in the lateral mode distribution, as revealed by time-resolved spectroscopy of the lasing spectrum.