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The USE-VR platform - a framework for interoperability among different VR solutions

: Mesing, Benjamin; Vahl, Matthias; Lukas, Uwe von

5th INTUITION International Conference 2008. Virtual Reality in Industry and Society: From Research to Application. Proceedings : 2nd International Workshop Virtual Manufacturing, VirMan 08; October 6-8, 2008, Torino, Italy
Turin, 2008
ISBN: 978-960-89028-7-9
10 pp.
International Conference on Virtual Reality in Industry and Society (INTUITION) <5, 2008, Torino>
International Workshop Virtual Manufacturing (VirMan) <2, 2008, Torino>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
virtual reality (VR); interoperability; shipbuilding

Today, there exists a multitude of different VR solutions, each providing its own advantages and application areas. Needless to say that companies use the VR solutions best suited for their specific purposes. But commercially available VR applications often do not cover all the individual use cases which might occur in different companies - a fact which makes extra customisation necessary. This especially holds true for the shipbuilding industry with its specific needs not addressed by today's VR solutions. Furthermore, VR applications are mostly incompatible among each other which makes the collaboration of different tools impossible, at the moment. With the USE-VR Platform, ZGDV provides a flexible concept for the development of custom modifications which are usable together with different VR applications and which, besides other features, support the collaboration among different VR solutions. This paper will present the USE-VR Platform and illustrate its usage with a use case from the shipbuilding industry.