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SIGGRAPH 2008. Class Notes: Don't be a WIMP

Part of Siggraph 2008. Full Conference DVD-ROM, Disc 1
: Behr, Johannes; Reiners, Dirk

New York: ACM Press, 2008, 170 pp.
International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH) <35, 2008, Los Angeles/Calif.>
Conference Proceedings
Fraunhofer IGD ()
virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR); interactive virtual environments; 3D-Application

Virtual and augmented reality have been around for a long time, but for most people they are movie fantasies. Very few people outside a few research labs have worked with or experienced these systems for themselves. On the other hand, interactive 3D graphics applications are ubiquitous, mostly in the form of games. More and more people are working in animation and games, creating models and programs for interactive 3D applications on standard monitors.
The goal of this class is to demonstrate that the leap to actual immersive or augmented environments is not as big as you might think. It explains how high-powered 3D graphics cards, mainstream applications of stereoscopic displays in 3D TV and movies, and webcams that achieve TV-quality images have significantly lowered the barriers to entry. And how, in combination with those hardware advances, freely available software based on open standards like X3D provides all the tools you need to access the elusive world of virtual and augmented reality applications. Following a summary of the basic principles of stereo displays, tracking systems and post-WIMP interaction metaphors, the main part of the course is a practical introduction to creating and running your own interactive and immersive applications.