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Synchronization of audio-visual content to a motion picture film

: Beckinger, M.; Hoffmann de Linares, K.

Audio Engineering Society -AES-, New York/N.Y.:
30th AES International Conference on Intelligent Audio Environments. Proceedings. CD-ROM : March 15th - 17th, 2007, Saariselkä, Finland
New York, NY: AES, 2007
ISBN: 978-0-937803-59-2
Audio Engineering Society (International Conference) <30, 2007, Saariselkä>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IDMT ()
Abtastfrequenz; Algorithmus; audiovisuelles Medium; Aufzeichnungsspur; Bewegtbild; Filmtechnik; Genauigkeit; Kleinbildfilm; Korrelation; Lautsprechersystem; Synchronisation; Tonwiedergabetechnik

On today's 35 mm film reel is no space for an additional synchronization track to synchronize new external audio reproduction systems like the Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) or new special effect systems, e.g. shakers for chairs in the audience area. Several multichannel sound systems occupy all physical place on the film reel. For this reason this paper presents a new method to synchronize new sound systems with a movie. An audio track will be continuously compared with a saved audio track to synchronize an external sound system via time code with audio-visual content. This synchronization method creates time code and synchronizes with an accuracy of 0.5 ms. The high accuracy is achieved with the algorithmic blocks: correlation, sample rate conversion in combination with meta data extraction.
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