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Comparison of stereo redundancy reduction schemes for an ultra low delay audio coder

: Albert, T.; Schuller, G.; Wabnik, S.; Krämer, U.; Hirschfeld, J.

Audio Engineering Society -AES-, New York/N.Y.:
122nd Audio Engineering Society Convention 2007. Vol.3 : May 5 - 8, 2007, Vienna, Austria
New York, NY: AES, 2007
ISBN: 978-1-604-23140-3
Audio Engineering Society (Convention) <122, 2007, Vienna>
Conference Paper
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Audiokompression; Audiosignal; Codierer; Leistungsbewertung; Leistungsverbesserung; Redundanz; Signalquantisierung; Signalverzögerung; Stereophonie; Vergleichsuntersuchung; Vorhersage; Zeitbereich

In this paper the authors demonstrated that a combination of lossless compression methods in combination with the ultra low delay (ULD) coding scheme could indeed improve the overall coding gain for stereo audio signals. Essential for this improvement was the combination of options. Although the relative improvement of 3.5 % in compression ratio, averaged over the whole test set could be a considerable performance gain in the context of purely lossless compression, in the authors' context of perceptual coding this is not a big improvement. In general, though, the authors expect more significant improvements in coding gain by including the psychoacoustics of spacial hearing into the perceptual part of the ULD coding scheme. For files with a monolike characteristic, however, an improvernent of up to 18 % in compression gain indicates that including additional lossless coding across channels into the ULD coding scheme could be worth the effort.
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