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Arthropod 7SK RNA

: Gruber, A.R.; Kilgus, C.; Mosig, A.; Hofacker, I.L.; Hennig, W.; Stadler, P.F.


Molecular biology and evolution 25 (2008), No.9, pp.1923-1930
ISSN: 0737-4038
ISSN: 1537-1719
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZI ()

The 7SK small nuclear RNA (snRNA) is a key player in the regulation of polymerase (pol) II transcription. The 7SK RNA was long believed to be specific to vertebrates where it is highly conserved. Homologs in basal deuterostomes and a few lophotrochozoan species were only recently reported. On longer timescales, 7SK evolves rapidly with only few conserved sequence and structure motifs. Previous attempts to identify the Drosophila homolog thus have remained unsuccessful despite considerable efforts. Here we report on the discovery of arthropod 7SK RNAs using a novel search strategy based on pol III promoters, as well as the subsequent verification of its expression. Our results demonstrate that a 7SK snRNA featuring 2 highly structured conserved domains was present already in the bilaterian ancestor.