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Vorrichtung zur Umwandlung und Speicherung von Energie

Energy conversion and storage device for e.g. mobile phone, has energy storage to store energy converted by different converters, and interface to combine other energy conversion and storage devices to increase power and storage capacity
: Spies, P.; Rohmer, G.; Tübke, J.; Hebling, C.; Boettner, H.

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DE 102006055883 A: 20061127
DE 102006055883 A: 20061127
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(A1) Eine Vorrichtung (100) zur Umwandlung und Speicherung von Energie, die eine Mehrzahl von verschiedenen Energiewandlern (110; 115) zum Wandeln von Energie in verschiedenen Energieformen in elektrische Energie umfasst. Die Vorrichtung (100) weist ferner einen Energiespeicher (120) zum Speichern der elektrischen Energie und eine Schnittstelle (130) zur Abgabe der Energie an einen Verbraucher auf.


WO 2008064808 A2 UPAB: 20080620 NOVELTY - The device (100) has different energy converters (110, 115) e.g. solar cells, or mechanical energy converters, for converting different forms of energy to electrical energy. An energy storage (120) e.g. accumulator, stores the electrical energy, and an interface (130) i.e. communication interface, wirelessly delivers the energy to a consumer by create magnetic or electric fields. The interface is provided for combining other energy conversion and storage devices to increase output power and storage capacity. A controller controls the converters, the energy storage, and the interface. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for the following: (1) a method for converting and storing energy (2) a system comprising the two devices for converting and storing energy. USE - Device for converting and storing energy in a mobile device. Uses include but are not limited to a mobile phone, digital camera, portable computer, personal digital assistant (PDA), watch, navigation device, and mobile TV set. ADVANTAGE - The combination of different energy converters with the suitable energy storage provides always provides convertible energy, thus ensuring a complete self sufficient operation of the mobile device, and hence providing the device that can be used as a universal energy supply module for any mobile devices, and improving mobility of the users. The multiple individual modules of the energy conversion and storage devices of each consumer can be combined, thus producing a suitably dimensioned energy supply module in a simple and rapid manner.