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Waschbares Elektronik-Flachsystem mit freien Anschlusskontakten zur Integration in ein textiles Material oder Flexsmaterial

Electronics-flat system for e.g. clothing article in textile structure, has electronic component arranged on upper and lower sides of printed circuit boards in dry area, and electrical connecting contacts arranged in dry area on sides
: Fischer, W.-J.; Boden, R.; Wiedemuth, D.; Despang, H.-G.

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DE 102007002323 A: 20070116
DE 102007002323 A: 20070116
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(A1) Die vorliegende Erfindung bezieht sich auf ein waschbares Elektronik-Flachsystem (1) mit einem flaechig ausgebildeten Flachelement (5, 6), dessen Oberflaeche mindestens einen zusammenhaengenden ersten Bereich (Trockenbereich) und mindestens einen zusammenhaengenden zweiten Bereich (Nassbereich) aufweist, einem auf der Oberseite oder der Unterseite des Flachelementes (5, 6) in dem oder in einem der ersten Bereiche angeordneten elektronischen Bauelement (8), zwei auf der Oberseite und/oder der Unterseite des Flachelementes (5, 6) in dem oder in mindestens einem der zweiten Bereiche angeordneten elektrischen Anschlusskontakten (10a, 11a), einer Einfassung (9, 15), welche in dem oder in den ersten Bereichen das Flachelement (5, 6) samt dem elektronischen Bauelement (8) vollstaendig bedeckt und hermetisch abschliesst und welche in dem oder in den zweiten Bereichen das Flachelement (5, 6) samt der zwei Anschlusskontakte (10a, 11a) bis auf einen freiliegenden Abschnitt (10a-1, 11a-1) jedes der beiden Anschlusskontakte vollstaendig bedeckt und hermetisch abschliesst, und elektrischen Anschlussleitungen (12, 13), welche das elektronische Bauelement (8) mit den beiden Anschlusskontakten (10a, 11a) elektrisch verbinden.


DE 102007002323 A1 UPAB: 20080822 NOVELTY - The system (1) has printed circuit boards (5, 6) with surfaces, which are provided with dry and wet areas (2, 3). An electronic component (8) is arranged on an upper side and/or a lower side of the boards in the dry area. Electrical connecting contacts (10a, 11a) are arranged in the dry area on the sides of the boards. Edgings (9, 15) completely cover and hermetically lock the boards together with the component and the contacts in the dry area upto free lying sections (10a-1, 11a-1) of the contacts. Electrical connecting lines (12, 13) electrically connect the component with the contacts. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - INDEPENDENT CLAIMS are also included for the following: (1) an arrangement comprising an electronics-flat system (2) a textile structure comprising a textile unit. USE - Washable electronics-flat system for use in a flexible textile unit e.g. clothing article, in a textile structure (claimed) for deriving and electrical processing of a vital parameter e.g. electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG), electrooculogram (EOG) and electromyogram (EMG), temperature, body position, body movement, pulse, snore and saturation of peripheral oxygen (SPO2) in humans and animals, for therapy purposes e.g. electrosimulation, for massage applications, for controlling an orthopedic limb, for supporting a MPEG-1 audio layer 3 ( MP3) player, a radio set, a television set and a mobile phone, for speech recording, for navigation and for use in an industrial area such as mats, tarpaulin and packaging material, in a medical field, competitive sports, protection-and safety clothing, leisure activities and spa. ADVANTAGE - The electrical connecting contacts are arranged in the dry area on the sides of the boards, thus facilitating simple integration of electronic system in the textile material, and achieving constructionally simple structure and reduced size or height with fulfillment of requirements with respect to miniaturization, element integration and performance characteristics while reducing weight of the system. The system is designed such that it enables the textile material to be adapted to different size or contours of body of humans and animals, it provides high wearing comfort, high flexibility and approximates to design of the clothing article. The design of the system achieves chemical and/or chemo-thermal resistance of the connection contacts, facilitates reusable of the system and the clothing article, and achieves high reliability, operability and increased life time of functional and quality characteristics of the overall system in washing and disinfection processes under chemical and/or chemo-thermal effects. The system is designed such that it is patient-friendly and is suitable for telemedicine applications and for detergent solution-resistant intelligent industrial textiles.