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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zum Beschichten von plattenfoermigen oder bandfoermigen metallischen Substraten

Apparatus for plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition, comprises vacuum chamber with magnetron permanent magnet located behind sheet or strip being plated
: Scheffel, B.; Metzner, C.; Tenbusch, M.; Klose, L.

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DE 2007-102007004760 A: 20070131
DE 102007004760 A: 20070131
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(A1) Die Erfindung betrifft eine Vorrichtung und ein Verfahren zum Beschichten von mindestens einem plattenfoermigen oder bandfoermigen metallischen Substrat, wobei eine Vakuumkammer vorgesehen ist, in welcher ein Magnetron-Permanentmagnet derart auf der nicht zu beschichtenden Seite des Substrates angeordnet ist, dass dessen Magnetfeld ueber der Oberflaeche der zu beschichtenden Seite des Substrates ausgebildet ist, wobei mittels einer Zufuehrung ein Precursor in die Vakuumkammer einlassbar ist und das Substrat zumindest zeitweise als Kathode einer Magnetronentladung geschaltet ist.


DE 102007004760 A1 UPAB: 20080820 NOVELTY - In the vacuum chamber, a magnetron permanent magnet (105) is arranged at the rear of the substrate (103), forming a field over the surface of the side to be coated. A precursor (104), e.g. hexamethyl disiloxane (HMDSO), is introduced into the chamber (102). The novel feature is connection of the substrate as the cathode of a magnetron plasma discharge (107), at least at intervals. The vacuum chamber forms the anode, or a separate anode (106) is included in the chamber, on the side to be coated. The substrate is connected to the electrical earth of the vacuum chamber. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An electrical screen surrounding the anode, is open towards the substrate. A metal sheet or stack of spaced metal sheets is located between substrate and screen, and parallel to the substrate. Screen, metal sheet and substrate are each separated by 1-10 mm spacing. The precursor feed is located in the volume enclosed by the screen and substrate. One electrode of a magnetron forms the anode for magnetron discharge. The substrate and electrode are the cathode or anode of the magnetron discharge, in alternation. A sputtering gas inlet is included. The vaporized material is connected as the anode of the magnetron discharge. The vaporizer is optionally an electron-beam vaporizer. Pulsed energy is supplied to the substrate. It is supplied with an alternating voltage. AN INDEPENDENT CLAIM IS INCLUDED FOR the corresponding method. USE - Apparatus for plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition. ADVANTAGE - Coatings are deposited on plates and continuous strips, using CVD processes. Even electrically-insulating layers are deposited with good long-term stability and uniform properties. A very high-intensity plasma is produced over the side to be coated, increasing the coating rate. Ionized material is predominantly positively-charged and is accelerated to the surface being coated. Dense, and where relevant, hard layers are produced. The cathode-anode voltage is 100-500 V. With constant local supply of precursor into the plasma zone and continuous, constant speed movement of the substrate, a homogenous layer results.