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The BRITA in PuBs information tool - case studies, retrofit measures and performance rating to find the best retrofit concepts for public buildings

: Erhorn-Kluttig, H.

Erhorn, H.; Kratz, M.:
2nd EU FP6 Ecobuildings Symposium 2008. Towards an energy efficient European building stock beyond national requirements : City Hall Stuttgart, April 2008
Jülich: Forschungszentrum Jülich, 2008
Ecobuildings Symposium <2, 2008, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IBP ()

The BRITA in PuBs Information Tool is being developed within the EU 6th Framework integrated project "Bringing Retrofit Innovation to Application in Public Buildings - BRITA in PuBs". The project has its main focus on the design, realisation, monitoring and documentation of eight demonstration buildings. All of the demonstration buildings are public buildings that have been energy retrofitted beyond national requirements. The retrofit concepts foresee that the energy demand of the building will be reduced by factor 2 due to the retrofit. This aim was realised by applying thermal insulation, improving the energy efficiency of the building systems and by integrating renewable energy. At the same time, the user satisfaction rate shall be significantly improved.
Besides the demonstration, the project has smaller parts on socio-economic research and training and dissemination. All tasks within the project are inter-connected, so for example the BRITA in PuBs Information Tool is based on the results and lessons learned from the demonstration buildings; moreover, it also offers information material (such as the retrofit design guidelines) that was developed in other work packages. The tool is available for download on the project website Currently the Beta-version of the tool is being presented there, which already gives very good insights in the tool structure and the different information types that will be available. With the completion of the project phase end by the of April 2008, the final version of the tool will become available. The tool is a further development of an IEA project result, namely the ECBCS Annex 36 "Energy Concept Adviser" that dealt with educational buildings (
The tool is targeted to assist decisions makers and their technical support in public administrations. It will provide information and give inspiration to facilitate the decisions to be taken, namely which buildings to select for retrofitting and what measures to include in the retrofit concept.