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Bringing retrofit innovation to application in public buildings - BRITA in PuBs

: Erhorn, H.

Erhorn, H.; Kratz, M.:
2nd EU FP6 Ecobuildings Symposium 2008. Towards an energy efficient European building stock beyond national requirements : City Hall Stuttgart, April 2008
Jülich: Forschungszentrum Jülich, 2008
Ecobuildings Symposium <2, 2008, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IBP ()

The BRITA in PuBs project (Bringing Retrofit Innovation To Application in Public Buildings) aims at increasing the market penetration of innovative and effective retrofit solutions to improve energy efficiency and implement renewables, with moderate additional costs. In the first place, this is realised by the exemplary retrofit of 8 public demonstration buildings in the four participating European regions (North, Central, South, East). The general aim of the retrofits at the demonstration buildings is to reduce the primary energy demand for heating, ventilation, cooling and domestic hot water by factor 2 and to improve the user satisfaction also by factor 2. Secondly, the research work packages include socioeconomic research such as the identification of real project-planning needs and financing strategies, the assessment of retrofit design guidelines, the development of an internetbased knowledge tool on retrofit measures and case studies, and a quality control-tool box to secure the good long-term performance of the building and the systems. The training and dissemination work includes blackboard information sheets, an Eco-buildings elearning module, architectural student courses, and a facility managers training based on the results of the demonstration projects. The project website ( includes a building diary with updated information on the current status of the demonstration projects.