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Micro thermal management of high-power diode laser bars

Thermisches Management von Hochleistungslaserdiodenbarren
: Lorenzen, D.; Bonhaus, J.; Fahrner, E.; Kaulfersch, E.; Wörner, E.; Koidl, P.; Unger, K.; Müller, D.; Rölke, S.; Schmidt, H.; Grellmann, M.


IEEE transactions on industrial electronics 48 (2001), No.2, pp.286-297
ISSN: 0278-0046
ISSN: 0018-9421
ISSN: 0093-9994
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
CVD-diamond; CVD-Diamant; thermal management; thermisches Management; diode laser bar; Laserdiodenbarren; simulation; cooling; Kühltechnik; cooling; diamond; packaging; semiconductor laser; temperature control; thermoelasticity; vapor deposition

Lifetime and reliability of high-power diode laser bars are sensitively related to operating temperature, mounting stress, and solder electromigration. These three factors have been taken into account for the development of a new packaging technology for 1-cm laser bars of gallium arsenide. We examinae the use of chemical-vapor-deposited (CVD) diamond as heatspreaders in order to reduce thermal resistance of a microchannel cooler for liquid cooling. We show that it is possible to perform hard soldering on a CVD-diamond with a new technique. Additionally, we present a controlled water cooling system fit to the flow characteristics of the cooler. It permits one to adjust the emission wavelength of the diode lasers by changing the water flux.