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IMS-controlled ethernet domains for networked services delivery

Topics in network and service management
: Tölle, D.; Plankl, A.; Butscher, G.


IEEE Communications Magazine 46 (2008), No.5, pp.162-171
ISSN: 0163-6804
ISSN: 1558-1896
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ESK ()

Network infrastructures within provider network domains, including the associated technologies and business models, are undergoing significant change. Ethernet is an alternative to asynchronous transport mode in both provider aggregation and core network environments because of its simplicity and cost efficiency. However, it still lacks many features that are required to meet the demands of carrier-grade networks. A number of recent research initiatives, such as IST-MUSE and Medea-PlaNetS, have promoted the development of a unified broadband access and aggregation network platform. The idea is based on Ethernet and features various access technologies such as PON, DSL, and WiMAX to name a few. End-to-end- communication is based either on IPv4 or IPv6. The communication procedures within the Ethernet domain ensure that QoS is provided and maintained for the IP layer. The overall service control is based on the IP multimedia subsystem. This article outlines alternatives for combining Ethernet transport platforms with IMS-controlled service platforms and illustrates how to implement the transport control functions required to ensure IP-based communications while maintaining QoS levels.