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Industrial robotics

: Hägele, Martin; Nilsson, Klas; Pires, J. Norberto


Siciliano, B.:
Springer Handbook of Robotics
Berlin: Springer, 2008
ISBN: 978-3-540-38219-5
ISBN: 3-540-38219-4
Book Article
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Most robots today can trace their origin to early industrial robot designs. Much of the technology that makes robots more human-friendly and adaptable for different applications has emerged from manufacturers of industrial robots. Industrial robots are by far the largest commercial application of robotics technology today. All the important foundations for robot control were initially developed with industrial applications in mind. These applications deserve special attention in order to understand the origin of robotics science and to appreciate many unsolved problems that still prevent the wider use of robots in manufacturing. In this chapter we present a brief history and descriptions of typical industrial robotics applications. We show how robots with different mechanisms fit different applications. Even though robots are well established in large-scale manufacturing, particularly in automobile and related component assembly, there are still many challenging problems to solve. The range of feasible applications could significantly increase if robots were easier to install, to integrate with other manufacturing processes, and to program, particularly with adaptive sensing and automatic error recovery. We outline some of these remaining challenges for researchers.