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Incremental sheet forming of an industrial application

: Puzik, Arnold

Verl, A.; Hägele, M. ; VDI/VDE-Gesellschaft Meß- und Automatisierungstechnik -GMA-, Düsseldorf; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Robotik:
Robotik 2008. Leistungsstand, Anwendungen, Visionen, Trends : Tagung München, 11. und 12. Juni 2008
Düsseldorf: VDI-Verlag, 2008 (VDI-Berichte 2012)
ISBN: 978-3-18-092012-2
Fachtagung Robotik <5, 2008, München>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Hämmern; incremental sheet forming; inkrementelles Umformen; Blechumformen; Fertigung

This paper introduces new results of the single point incremental forming process of an industrial sheet metal component. Incremental sheet forming (ISF) is an innovative and compared to conventional forming technologies which do require forming tools like a specific die and punch, a cost-effective forming method for prototyping and limited-lot production. Moving a hammering tool on a generated path above the sheet metal enables to manufacture a three dimensional complex sheet metal product. Contrary to deep drawing processes and due to the low forming forcers since using a high frequent hammering tool a common industrial robot can be applied. Thus this ISF-process enables production of sheet metal parts and preliminary models at low costs.
This article describes the development of the incremental hammering process and advantages compared to existing forming amd incremental forming methods and strategies. Furthermore the potential of hammer forming in combination with deep drawing and the manufacturing of cavities for forming fiber materials will be shown. To investigate the industrial functionality and application of the hammer forming technology results of manufactured parts of industrial partners will be shown.