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Brennstoffzellenmodul und dessen Verwendung

Planar fuel cell module for supplying current for e.g. telecommunication system, has strip conductor electrically connected with fuel cells for electrically interconnecting fuel cells and fluid distributing structure for distributing fuel
: Wolff, A.; Tranitz, M.; Jungmann, T.; Oszcipok, M.

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DE 102006048860 A: 20061016
DE 102006048860 A: 20061016
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(A1) Vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ein Brennstoffzellenmodul, das eine Modulbasiseinheit mit mehreren flaechig angeordneten Ausnehmungen fuer Brennstoffzellen umfasst, worauf Leiterbahnen fuer die elektrische Verschaltung der Brennstoffzellen angeordnet sind. Die Modulbasiseinheit umfasst dabei zusaetzlich ebenso eine Struktur zur Verteilung des Brennstoffs. In die Ausnehmungen sind dabei Brennstoffzellen eingebracht.


DE 102006048860 A1 UPAB: 20080615 NOVELTY - The planar fuel cell module (20) has a module base unit (21), which has two laminarly arranged recesses for fuel cells (14) that are inserted into the recesses concerning to its shape in a form-fitted manner. The module base unit has a strip conductor (15), which is electrically connected with the fuel cells, for electrically interconnecting the fuel cells and a fluid distributing structure for distributing the fuel. The recesses have a depth of 2 millimeter to 4 millimeter. USE - Planar fuel cell module for supplying current for a telecommunication system, a mobile phone, a pocket personal computer, a global positioning system-device, an automatic advertising panel, a lighting, a toy, applications for the camping area and outdoor area, a teaching aid and a demonstration aid, a radio, a TV, a mobile computer, an emergency power supplier, an alarm system, a network-independent battery charger, a medical device and a military application (all claimed). ADVANTAGE - The planner fuel cell module enables high flexibility for interconnecting the fuel cells, so that the module can be universally applicable.