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New gold and silver-gold catalysts in the shape of sponges and sieves

: Jürgens, B.; Kübel, C.; Schulz, C.; Nowitzki, T.; Zielasek, J.; Biener, J.; Biener, M.M.; Hamza, A.V.; Bäumer, M.

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Gold bulletin 40 (2007), No.2, pp.142-149
ISSN: 0017-1557
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

Gold with a nanoporous sponge-like morphology, generated by leaching of AuAg alloys is presented as a new unsupported material system for catalytic applications. The role of residual silver for catalytic activity towards CO oxidation in the temperature range from −20 to 50°C has been investigated by comparison with Au and Au/Ag zeolite catalysts. As revealed by a systematic variation of the silver content in the zeolite catalysts, bimetallic systems exhibit a significantly higher activity than pure gold, probably due to activation/dissociation of molecular oxygen by silver. By STEM tomography we can unambiguously prove that at least some of the particles form inside the zeolite lattice.