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Interactive Visualization Techniques for a Virtual Reality Based Analysis of Simulation Results

: Benölken, P.; Graf, H.; Rix, J.

Korea Society for Simulation -KSS-:
SeoulSim 2001. Proceedings
Seoul, 2001
Seoul International Simulation Conference (SeoulSim) <1, 2001, Seoul>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
interactive visualisation; volume rendering; LIC; virtual environment

In this paper we present an overview of existing state of the art visualization techniques for the interactive analysis of results from numerical simulations and measurements. We describe the basic concepts and key ideas behind these different visualization methods in this paper. The potential of these techniques for an efficient integration into a virtual reality environment will be investigated. Furthermore we present our first demonstrator for visualizing multiparametric data and give an outlook on our plans for further exploiting and developing these techniques in an upcoming project.