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Kopplung von ANSYS und MATLAB

: Berger, J.

Mittweida, 2008, 86 pp.
Mittweida, Hochschule, Dipl.-Arb., 2008
Fraunhofer IWU ()
ANSYS; MATLAB; Mechanik; Schwingungsanalyse; Modalanalyse; Simulation; Finite Elemente Methode; Differentialgleichung; mechanic; vibration analysis; modal analysis; simulation; finite element method; differential equation

The coupling of different software tools is essential for engineering applications. In the first part of this diploma thesis some of these applications are described and some tools are introduced which already provide such coupling mechanisms. The next part deals with the mathematical basics of the modal analysis and some special algorithms for solving systems of differential equations. In a next main part, the structure of ANSYS result files has been investigated, including the stiffness matrices in Harwell-Boeing format. Finally a MATLAB program is developed to import the results from such result files into MATLAB. First results of the mode of operation of this program are demonstrated.