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Using virtual reality technologies to improve manual liquid handling processes

: Weimer, A.; Kuhn, C.; Dobler, H.; Klumpp, B.

American biotechnology laboratory 19 (2001), No.4, pp.12-13
ISSN: 0749-3223
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
virtual reality; Laboratory automation; Laborautomatisierung; Handhabungstechnik; Flüssigkeit; Laboratorium

Process reliability and high-quality assurance have become increasingly important in the analytical and biotechnology laboratory. Highly qualified staff carry out many pipetting processes manually, especially in smaller laboratories. This monotonous and highly repetitive process can be very stressful for the laboratory assistant because he or she must prevent pipetting failures and document all pipetting steps manually. Presently, different strategies are applied to minimize failure rates and reduce time. One approach is the use of multichannel pipets, but the risk of pipetting errors cannot be completely avoided. Another strategy is to install fully automated liquid handling systems and pipetting robots. However, the goal of such pipetting systems is to automate processes for high throughput, thus pipetting robots are not always the best solution for all liquid handling applications. In addition, because a great deal of programming work is needed to implement new pipetting processes, flexibility is limited and the cost is very high.