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Determining the impact of software engineering research on practice

: Osterweil, L.J.; Ghezzi, C.; Kramer, J.; Wolf, A.L.; Ryder, B.; Soffa, M.L.; Estublier, J.; Rombach, D.; Ciolkowski, M.; Emmerich, W.; Aoyama, M.; Clarke, L.A.; Rosenblum, D.S.


Computer. Innovative technology for computer professionals 41 (2008), No.3, pp.39-49
ISSN: 0018-9162
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IESE ()

The enormous changes in software engineering practice make it prudent to consider the interplay between software engineering research and practice. Toward that end, the authors provide an overall view of the motivations behind the Impact Project, the research methodology followed, and the project's development plan. They also explore more specific questions that separate study groups within the project have investigated. This research aims to determine what impact, if any, software engineering research has had upon practice and to substantiate any such impact with scholarly research appropriate to a scientific community.