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Material behavior of steel - Modeling of complex phenomena and thermodynamic consistency

: Wolff, M.; Böhm, M.; Helm, D.


International Journal of Plasticity 24 (2008), No.5, pp.746-774
ISSN: 0749-6419
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWM ()
steel; material behavior; phase transformation; TRIP; coupling of TRIP and plasticity; thermodynamic consistency

Steel has a complex material behavior. Stress- and strain-dependent phase transformations, transformation-induced plasticity (TRIP), and its interactions with plasticity are important phenomena of both theoretical and practical interest, as they may cause distortion of work-pieces. These phenomena continue to be intensively studied both experimentally and theoretically. In order to simulate real processes like heat treatment of work-pieces, one has to include the relevant phenomena in a suitable bulk model. It is the aim of the current paper to contribute to the formulation of such a model in the context of macroscopic continuum mechanics and to discuss the capabilities. Due to the possible interaction (coupling) of TRIP and plasticity, the usual approach in plasticity without phase transformations has to be modified substantially. We apply a general approach for non-linear hardening, allowing to model observable effects of interaction of plasticity and TRIP. Besides this, we prove the thermodynamic consistency under sufficient conditions.