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Penetration and failure of lead and borosilicate glass against rod impact

: Behner, T.; Anderson, C.E.; Orphal, D.L.; Hohler, V.; Moll, M.; Templeton, D.W.


International Journal of Impact Engineering 35 (2008), No.6, pp.447-456
ISSN: 0734-743X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer EMI ()

This paper presents the experimental design and results for gold rod impact on DEDF (5.19g/cm(sup 3)) and Borofloat (2.2g/cm(sup 3)) glass by visualizing simultaneously failure propagation in the glass with a high-speed camera and rod penetration with flash radiography. At a given impact velocity, the velocity of the failure front is significantly higher during early penetration than during steady-state penetration of the rod. For equal pressures but different stress states, the failure front velocities determined from Taylor tests or planar-impact tests are greater than those observed during steady-state rod penetration. The ratio of average failure front velocity to rod penetration velocity decreases with increasing impact velocity (vp) in the range of v(sub p) = 0.4-2.8 km/s. As a consequence, the distance between the rod tip and the failure front is reduced with increasing vp. The Tate term RT increases with impact velocity