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Monitoring dielectrophoretic collection of DNA by impedance measurement

: Hölzel, R.; Bier, F.F.


Fritzsche, W.:
DNA-based molecular electronics : International Symposium on DNA-Based Molecular Electronics. Jena, Germany, 13 - 15 May 2004
New York, N.Y.: AIP Press, 2004 (AIP Conference Proceedings 725)
ISBN: 0-7354-0206-X
International Symposium on DNA Based Molecular Electronics <2004, Jena>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IBMT ()

Double stranded M13 phagemid DNA has been locally concentrated between interdigitated electrodes by dielectrophoresis. RF electric fields at 0.1 MHz and 1 MHz have been applied with field strengths exceeding 1 MV/m. Impedance changes were monitored by analysis of the driving signals or with an additional sensing signal applied at 1 kHz. DNA collection was found to be reflected clearly by changes in the capacitive part of the setup's impedance. This presents a new method for a label free, purely electronic detection of macromolecules.